Recording fund donation: $10+ Listener

  • –  download code for Luminous Heart recordings (approx. delivery date: Sept 2016)
  • –  mailing list updates, including links, photos, etc.

Product Description

Thanks so much for supporting our project! We are planning to record 2-5 original songs this summer, and your donation will help us achieve our funding goal of $1000.

At this level, you’ll receive a download code for the finished product – the songs we’re planning to record this summer. We’re hoping to have the project done by mid-late September, so you’ll receive the codes then. We’ll also add you to our email list, and you’ll receive periodic updates about the recording project, and also links to scratch tracks, surprise recordings, etc.

Start DateApril 30, 2016
End DateJuly 9, 2016
Time Remaining