Our new EP is nearly completed!

Wow, the time has really flown by this summer! We are so grateful to everyone who supported our fundraiser earlier this year, and we are very happy to announce that we are in the final stages of production!

We ended up recording 6 songs at Pyrate Llama Recording Studio, and the songs were mastered today up in Seattle at Resonant Mastering.  This means that we’ll be getting the final audio files within a few days.

The EP (entitled Possibility) will be an all digital release, and will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms.  Backers will receive details about downloading the album once we have it online (most likely via Bandcamp.com).  Then the official release date will probably be ~October 1st.

Also, we’ll be announcing the CD Release party date shortly (most likely at a venue in downtown McMinnville), and we are looking forward to sharing the evening with our friends, family and fans!

xo to all…

Val and Jamie

Recording fundraiser ending tomorrow!!

Thanks to all who have supported our fundraiser – your support means so much to us.  We are very close to our goal, and really appreciate all of the donations that have been received, both on here and at our shows over the past couple of months!  If you’ve donated, you’ll be getting a newsletter with updates from us within the next couple of days.

If you’ve had any difficulty donating in the past few hours, the problem should now be solved, and we’re going to leave the campaign page active for an extra 24 hours (until midnight tomorrow 7/6).

We have exciting news about the recording project, so stay tuned, and please pledge if you’d like to get a reward and behind-the-scenes updates as we proceed with the project!

Also, Yamhill valley friends… market your calendars for next Thursday July 14 – we’ll be performing all afternoon at the McMinnville Farmers’ Market!

xo, Val and Jamie

Recording Project Fundraiser!

We started this fundraiser 2 weeks ago at our show at Cornerstone Coffee Roasters in McMinnville (where we raised $160… thanks to everyone who attended and donated!)  Now we are taking it to the next level!

Our fundraising goal of $1000, plus income we’ll earn from shows over the next 2 months, will go toward recording 2-6 songs, and putting them onto digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)  We’ll also probably have a small number of cds made.  We’ve had a lot of people ask if they can buy recordings of our songs, and with this fundraiser, it will finally be possible to share our songs!  And by contributing at $10 or higher, you’ll get your own digital copy of these recordings.

Another reason why we want to get our songs professionally recorded is that we’re heading to the FAR-West Music conference up in Seattle in October, and it will be super helpful to have good recordings we can share with house concert bookers, radio show hosts, and other artists.  We’re serious about getting our music out to a wider audience, and you can help us achieve this!

Now, we’re going live with the online fundraiser.  If you head over to our Shop, you’ll see various donation levels and associated rewards.  We’ve chosen to do the crowdfunding on our own website to reduce the fees that other platforms take.  The only fees here will be a small one if you use Paypal (and that comes out on our side, not yours.) Payments can be made via Paypal, check, or cash.  We’ve just gotten the Shop up and running, and may need to work out some bugs in the system, so if you have any difficulties, please let us know! (music@valblaha.com)

As mentioned about our overall goal is to raise at least $1000.  If you look at the individual levels, they show lower goals – those reflect the fundraising goals for each level.

One thought: if you want to skip the online shop, you can also just talk with Jamie or I, and we’ll happily honor the reward for the donation level of your choice.

We appreciate any support you are able to give us!  We’re hoping to head to the studio in early July, so if you’d like to help, please check out the Shop, and pledge today!

Thanks so much!!

Val & Jamie

See us in Salem!

Val is playing at the Local Roots Music Festival on Saturday April 16 at 10:35am, and Jamie will be joining her to sing back-up, plus they’ll play at least a couple of Luminous Heart songs.  Tickets are only $15 for a whole day of fantastic musics… hope we’ll see you there!