Our story…

Luminous Heart is Val Blaha and Jamie Corff, two good friends who created a folk-pop duo with acoustic guitar-backed melodies, inter-woven harmonies, and lyrics inspired by literature, folklore and experience. The duo is currently based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Val and Jamie come from very different places and influences. Val grew up just outside of Los Angeles, while Jamie was raised in Wyoming. Musically, Val grew up listening to pop and alternative rock, and later was heavily influenced by country musicians such as Emmylou Harris. Jamie’s musical influences are a blend of harder rock bands, and singers like Jewel. Despite these difference, they share much common. Both are life long musicians, multi-instrumentalists, and singers. In addition, they share a passion for community theater.

Luminous Heart is a synergistic project, where Jamie’s crystalline soprano blends with Val’s warm and dusky alto to weave harmonies that keep audiences captivated. They share songwriting duties, with each bringing some songs to the table, but also writing together, combining their individual talents and influences to form a unique fusion that will get your emotions swirling and your toes tapping.

Luminous Heart released their debut album in late 2016. Possibility was completed at Pyrate Llama studio in Willamina, Oregon, and includes six original songs. During 2016 and 2017, the duo performed frequently at wineries and local venues throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond (include the Alberta Street Theater in Portland, and the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, OR), and opened for Portland band Y La Bamba at McMinnville’s Concerts on the Plaza series in August 2017.

Val and Jamie took time off starting in 2018 to focus on a variety of personal and professional projects, but reunited as a duo for a performance in late 2020. They also started writing songs for a new album, and also hope to turn the new project into a musical. Follow the duo on social media for the latest news and announcements!

Booking or other Inquiries

Please contact val @ luminousheartduo dot com, or call 971 237 7576.